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"Ms. Drake is easily recognized as a peer amongst all levels of medical professionals within the Medical Reserve Corps community throughout many counties. She is respected by our many physicians (many of whom are department administrators at hospitals and major clinics), nurses, paramedics and others for her knowledge of field triage, rapid deployment, mass casualty and teaching skills in multiple levels and topics. Her ability to multi-task is apparent by her leadership skills, completion of required training, response to incidents and necessary documentation of her actions.

I would encourage any opportunity to work with Paula Drake, knowing with confidence that she is an outstanding professional. She is a valuable asset to our communities and will be to your company as well."

Sincerely, Terry A. Clark, Island County, Washington



"Drywall Distributors used Second Wind for our CPR, First-aid and Bloodborne Pathogens classes. Paula was excellent in her training techniques and made everyone very comfortable. The big plus was that everyone passed the class! We definately would use Second Wind again for any training." Donna Duncan, Drywall Distributors

"I thought the class was the best CPR class I've ever been to. Very relevant."

Reed A. Friese, Associated Painters, Inc., Production Manager

"As an Instructor and leader she was neither overbearing nor insecure.  She has no problem dealing with adult students that she instructs for both the fire department and as part of her business.  She was the person I called upon to implement the plan to put AED’s in all the City owned buildings in Mukilteo and hired her to instruct the other City employees in their use.  Her skill and abilities as an instructor were complimented by all the other department heads in the City." Fire Chief Jack Colbath, Mukilteo Fire Dept.

"Second Wind provided our employees a very thorough and cost-effective CPR/FirstAid/AED training program. The instructors were knowledgeable and presented the information in an easy to understand format and style. Our need for recertification was satisfactorily met. We will not hesitate to use Second Wind for any future safety training needs..." Gene Dodson, Director of Finance and Administration, Tone Commander Systems, Inc. Mukilteo, WA


 "I thought the class was the best CPR class I've ever been to. Very relevant." Reed A. Friese, Associated Painters, Inc., Production Manager

"Thank you, again, for all of the help over the Winter. I really appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to help me make up my training." Tyler King, EMT-B

" I would highly recommend Second Wind to any company/group. The training that Paula Drake of Second Wind provided Associated Painters, Inc. was very professional and met our company's requirements for such training under the OSHA and WA State regulations. Paula was very flexible in her schedule and class size requirements. Due to our company's work load, we had made many changes befor we settled on a time that best suited production. Paula was able to accommodate these changes, even suggesting that she would come in to provide training on a graveyard shift. The documentation she provided us was excellent and user friendly, meeting all requirements for any audits API might encounter. Paula's personal experiences were a great asset, adding "real life" situations, as well as humor, kept everyone interested and added to class participation. API will continue to use Second Wind's services in the future I would highly recommend Second Wind to any company or group looking for such services, and would gladly answer any inquiries concerning the training API received." Regards, Jerry Torrez Quality Control Manager, Associated Painters, Inc.,, Tel. 425-356-9914

"PCS Millwork has used Second Wind for the past 2 years for our CPR, First Aid and Bloodborne Pathogens training with very satisfactory results" Bill Perrigo, Facilities Manager, PCS Millwork

"Paula Drake is a loyal, industrious, and versatile individual who approaches any task enthusiastically.  She consistently puts in more than her fair share of the work.  I have observed her teaching fellow peers, nurses and doctors in a most highly effective manner without intimidation. She deals effectively with our county Medical Director on regular bases in conjunction with her job as Chief of EMS services at Evergreen Speedway." Acting Lieutenant, Dan Robertson, Mukilteo Fire Dept.

"Paula is our lead instructor and coordinator for our monthly CPR classes that are offered to the public.  The majority of these students have little to no medical services experience.  Paula is also one of our Competency Based Training (CBT) Instructors, where on a bi-monthly basis she teaches and evaluates all members on the department in order for the members to retain their certifications.  These classes are comprised of students with up to 30 years experience as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT).  One of Paula’s strong traits that I have experienced is her ability to instruct to the level of her students."  George M. Regier, Lieutenant, Mukilteo Fire Department